Lenore Kandel

Lenore Kandel. San Francisco, 2007. Photo: ©2007-11 Isaac Hernández

Lenore Kandel (January 14, 1932, New York City – October 18, 2009, San Francisco, California) was one of the greatest poets of the Twentieth Century. Jack Keroack modelled a character after her in Big Sur (1962). Beatniks chanted her poetry from the rooftops of San Francisco.

Lenore Kandel’s poetry books include An Exquisite NavelA Passing Dragon, and A Passing Dragon Seen Again (1959), The Love Book (1966), and Word Alchemy (1967).

This website pays tribute to her life, her work and the difference that she made with her presence and her words.

7 thoughts on “Lenore Kandel

  1. I teach at a smaller rural university and try to make my students aware of the generation academia wants to sweep under the carpet of deconstruction and the many “isms” of our age. I will not let Lenore Kandel be forgotten.

  2. Thank you, Bill. Did you know there’s a new book of Lenore’s poems coming out this spring? I’ll post something here shortly.

    • I am an italian writer, I have in my hands the Collected poems of Lenore Kandel, arrived to me yesterday; when I have touched the front page for the first time I have filled an emotion as I could touched her hand…, also if I never known Lenore in person; I am so interesting in unpublished poems; the first in the book is wonderfull:


      when love is ended there are no songs to play
      no feast of yesterdays
      only the small clear painful knowledge
      that the windy candle has burned out
      leaving smoke
      and the memory of bright and perfect light

      Rispondi ↓

  3. thank you Lenore Kandel. We were almost exactly 10 years apart (1/13 for me). Always loved her work. Just learned today….

    Tears for a poet
    I do not have for a lover
    Closer to the other
    A lover unbeknownst

  4. I read Jack in high school. For the record I am 71. Katic playing Lenore should be interesting. Did Lenore approve of her playing the part?

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