Kandel Interview and historic photos

This video was produced by Isaac Hernandez for Lenore Kandel’s memorial. Interview: ©2012 Carlos Fresneda and Isaac Hernandez. Photos ©2012 Lisa Kot and Isaac Hernandez/IsaacHernandez.com.

2 thoughts on “Kandel Interview and historic photos

  1. In the last number of the Cafè Review ( http://www.thecafereview.com/?m=201211) the is one poem of mine in honour of Lenore Kandel

    Lenore Kandel, My memory, my vision of you

    It is a commemoration
    a mass in your honour,
    it is a mass a ceremony –
    there is a rustling of skirts
    of skin
    of arms
    and sombody invokes your name –
    after far away a train arrives
    it that of my memories of you
    those I have not –
    I have not memories of you
    I have only visions of you,
    are as the memories the visions?
    In a certain sense yes
    on the contrary in all the sense yes
    are the images of the mind also those, the visions,
    there is in short that strange train of memories
    this train slender, slender covered of green
    slender –
    I am celebrating a mass for you
    a poetic mass for you
    ther is also the organ and white voices
    is a mass for you –
    nobody call you
    nobody call your spirit
    they don’t call you
    but we remember you,
    I remember you in the sense that I evoke you
    you old and suffering
    but yet always poet
    not as those with a degree,
    things like american congress,
    not, you are the doctor poet of the life
    on the stagedressed like a nun
    nun loving men and spirits
    nun of the life
    as it is
    do you remember?
    I think you are now in some hermitage
    on the mountain
    you have goes on that path
    the mistic path
    seating down and meditating
    and for you also writing –
    the is an old disk
    that is turning falling
    and a polar antartic wind
    and somebody knocks
    insist , calls –
    you foxed flag of the mind
    I commemorate and don’t forget you –
    you have open a path
    like Allen
    you have open the path
    but to do it it is needs to have lived a lot
    mistaked, failed
    met and loved
    it is needs to have soffered a lot –
    you in your ill back
    I commemorate you
    I commemorate you
    my friend
    I love you and you not even know it
    ypu have never known
    and you never will know it –
    Livio has done a portrait of you that seems me

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